Oh, 5:30 A.M.!

I met a friend of mine for coffee last Thursday and she invited me to her graduation the next day (She is 30 years old but had to work after high school in order to save money for college. She also worked full-time all throughout college!). She said it was at 7:30, but she had to be there at 6:30, so she would have to pick me up at 5:30. I really wanted to go but was a bit hesitant to commit to saying yes because I knew Ben was leaving early Saturday morning for a 6 day trip away from home. I wasn’t thrilled about being gone on his last night home, as I figured I wouldn’t be home before 10:00 pm. However, after talking about it with him, I decided that I would go and I texted my friend saying so and confirming the pick-up time of 5:30.

Many mornings I am up and out of bed by 5:30. But Friday morning I was still in bed at 5:50 when I heard my phone get a text. I thought for sure it would be a junk text given how early in the morning it was, but checked it anyway. I was shocked to see a text from my friend saying “I just finished getting ready and I’m on my way to your house”! I jumped out of bed (just about gave Ben a heart-attack) and started to spaz! Like really spaz. I wanted to call and tell my friend I couldn’t go after all, but I really didn’t want to back out as I knew how much me going to her graduation meant to her. Long story short, I had managed to shower and throw on a dress by the time she pulled up to my house. Ben handed me a mug of coffee as I walked out the door and then he proceeded to feed the kids breakfast, pack their lunches and take them to school for me! (Perhaps I should have titled this post “My Husband Rocks!”)

This is my friend, Sari, her mom, and me when she came to pick me up. As you can see, I didn’t have time to blow-dry my hair, and my eyes are still puffy from sleeping!

I’m so glad it worked out for me to go and support Sari. I know it meant a lot to her, and it was a really good experience for me. I’m also glad that she was running a bit late that morning AND that she texted when she was on her way! If she had actually been on time, I would have still been in bed when she came to my door! Something that was amazing to me was how incredibly CALM Sari was throughout it all. When she arrived I explained my confusion with the time, and she calmly talked with my kids as I ran around the house like a crazy woman getting my stuff together. She was running late for her university graduation, but it didn’t seem to phase her at all! It was more important for her to simply be with the people that were in front of her at the moment. There is surely a lesson for me to learn here!

Why did I assume it was 5:30 pm? Who knows! I guess it’s because it didn’t seem to phase Sari that she would be coming to pick me up so early in the morning. She said 5:30 so matter-of-factly that I just assumed it was 5:30 pm! I forgot that Indonesians, on average, are much earlier risers that Americans, on average! Things get going early here – schools start as early as 6:45 a.m.! However, the funny – and frustrating – thing is that places that I want to be open early – like the mall and cafes, are NOT open until 10 a.m.! Culture. Good times.

Here is me and Sari after her graduation. My eyes are a bit more open, but my hair certainly didn’t get any better!

Here is Sari and some of her friends. Aren’t their head coverings amazing! There are definitely fashion trends when it comes to wearing jilbabs/hijabs here. I secretly really like them and think they are really flattering on women!


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  1. annemarcus2013
    Nov 28, 2014 @ 20:25:37

    I like the hijabs too. They’re so ingenious in making them beautiful. And all you people are beautiful too.


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